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Hi There!

I’m Mackenzie, a Master’s Level Marriage & Family Student Intern. Thanks for being here! Navigating difficulties in your relationship can be exhausting, especially if you are struggling with your own self esteem. I’m committed to supporting you on your journey towards self love & acceptance, healing, and to guiding you towards more fulfilling relationships.


Let’s help you feel secure in your relationships. Let’s help you love yourself.

I can support clients who are located in Florida. 

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About Mackenzie

Mackenzie is an accomplished professional with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the esteemed University of Central Florida, which she earned in 2020. Currently, she is diligently pursuing her Master’s in Marriage and Family Counseling, enrolled at National University. Her profound interest in guiding individuals through the intricacies of self and partnership has motivated her to specialize in couples and relationship therapy.


Mackenzie is intentional about exploring the complexities of insecure attachment styles, relationship conflict, and bolstering self-esteem through her practice. She will assist you with building confidence, developing coping skills, and digging deeper into what makes you, you. She aims to help her clients understand themselves better so that they can cultivate healthier relationships with themselves and with their partners.

In her free time, you can often find her immersed in the world of books and movies, exploring nature and savoring culinary delights with her fiancé, and snuggling up with her beloved feline companions, Louie & Sundae.

As a master's-level student intern, Mackenzie works under the direct supervision of Dr. Tea.

Schedule with Mackenzie

Currently accepting clients for:

  • Individual Counseling (youth, teens & adults)

  • Relationship & Family Counseling

Payment Methods Accepted

  • Private Pay

  • Individual Sessions: $25.00

  • Relationship & Family Sessions: $35.00


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