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Traditional Therapy

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Mental Health Counseling

Traditional mental health therapy is a form of treatment provided by a licensed professional that can assist individuals who are experiencing emotional or psychological distress. This distress can occur in a person’s life at any time and for a variety of reasons, including a career change, family or relationship stress, health stressors or concerns, a recent traumatic experience, “just not feeling happy”, or experiences in a person’s childhood or later years that were unpleasant, painful, and that feel unresolved. 

When working with our licensed and skilled therapists, we will collaborate with you to identify your sources of distress or unhappiness and help you to identify your goals. Then, our clinicians will utilize a variety of evidence-based and culturally affirming therapeutic methods, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Psychodynamic, and more, to support you in actualizing your goals. 

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We Specialize in:

  • Women's mental health 

  • Relationships (including non-monogamy and self-defined diverse/alternative relationships)

  • Premarital counseling services - Approved Orange County, Florida Premarital Course Provider

  • Family dynamics, concerns, and transitions (e.g., blended families, foster care/adoption, etc.)

  • Integrative health and wellness 

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