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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


  • Do you accept insurance?
    Yes! We currently accept Cigna, Aetna, Tricare and Lyra! Not all providers are credentialed with all insurance networks. Be certain to ask which insurance your provider accepts. Please note, coaching sessions and some integrative wellness services are not covered under insurance. You are welcome to request a consultation to learn more.
  • Will my insurance cover all of the services you provide?
    Not always. If the reason(s) you are seeking therapy do not meet the requirements of certain diagnoses, services may not be covered under your insurance. It is important that you contact your insurance provider to ask about the services they cover and the amount they cover. Every insurance provider and plan is different. If you are not sure of the questions to ask your insurance company, contact us and we can help.
  • Can I use insurance for couples/relationship sessions?
    It depends. Similar to individual therapy, if the factors impacting the relationship do not meet the requirements for a diagnosis, then services may not be covered under your insurance. It is best to speak with your potential couples/relationship therapist to determine if utilizing your insurance would be possible.
  • Should I use my insurance for therapy?
    The choice to use insurance is a personal one and based on many variables. Some people opt not to use insurance for greater control over their personal information and to not feel restricted with the number of sessions they can have. Some choose to use insurance when possible to help manage the cost of services. There is no right or wrong way - just the one that is best and available for you.
  • Do you offer teletherapy?
    Yes, we do offer teletherapy. If you are planning to use insurance, it is important that you contact your insurance company to determine if they cover teletherapy as an option.
  • What are your rates?
    Our rates depend on the provider you are seeing and the services you are receiving. Please visit "Our Clinicians" page for more information or contact us.
  • Do you offer weekend hours?
    To support our team with work-life balance, we do not offer weekend hours.
  • Do you provide services for men?
    We provide services for all genders within our agency. Our agency specializes and focuses on providing caring and supportive services to women and we recognize that women's support system is diverse. To be of support to women, we provide support to individuals who are a part of her system.
  • Do you offer therapy for children?
    Our services are available for youth 15 years of age or older. We are happy to provide you with information/referrals for therapists who specialize in youth services.
  • Are you seeing clients in person?
    Yes! We welcome you to our office for in person services.
  • I do not live in Florida, can I receive services with your agency?
    We are only able to provide therapy to persons who are currently in states where we are licensed. See Our Team page to see where each therapist is licensed.

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