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Hope & Serenity Health Services

Empowering Women & Embracing Wellness Through Mental Health


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We Are Central Florida's Premier Resource for Women's Mental Health Services

Ready for a Change? It's time to thrive!

At Hope & Serenity Health Services, our mission is to empower women from all walks of life to thrive. As Central Florida's premier resource for women's mental health services, we are specialists in providing quality mental health care for women. We offer a range of services including individual therapy, relationship therapy, sex therapy, family therapy, and holistic therapies for mental health.

What makes us unique?


It is our commitment to and specialty in women's mental health. Our team of specialists take pride in working with you to create a personalized plan of care. We don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to therapy. Instead, we invest the time to truly understand you, your unique needs, and your aspirations.

What services do we provide?


We offer traditional therapy, trauma-focused therapies, such as EMDR, sex therapy, relationship & couples therapy, premarital counseling, integrative wellness therapies, neurodiversity consultations for ADD & ADHD in women, and wellness retreats. We also offer a variety of groups and events


Our approach blends holistic and evidence-based therapies tailored exclusively to you. Together, we help you to embrace a fresh new way of living, one where your commitment and investment in yourself results in you feeling stronger and more confident to set boundaries, make decisions, experience healthier love and relationships, feel more confident being YOU, and more! 

What can you expect?

From the moment you contact our office, you will be treated with compassion, integrity, and respect. First, when you call, we will take a brief moment to learn about your needs and assist with recommending a provider to you for further consultation. Next, you will have the option to schedule a free, no-obligation 15 minute consultation with a provider to learn more about our services and ask questions, or you may choose to have a longer (45 minute) consultation where we will discuss your needs and assist you by providing an initial recommendation for care based on the variety of services we provide. This discussion includes a review of costs, as we are fully transparent to ensure there are no surprises. Finally, should you decide to work with us, we will assist you with scheduling your appointments.   


Throughout the process, we are here for you. Our skilled and compassionate staff are here to support you and celebrate you. Here, every woman is celebrated. Your background, identity, orientation, relationship dynamic, and more - celebrated. YOU are celebrated here. YOU are welcome here.

Your next steps...  

Your journey has brought you this far for a reason. Continue moving forward and reach out to us. Allow us to support you with developing healthier relationships, enhancing intimacy, experiencing relief from anxiety and depression, obtaining support with ADHD and ASD, emotional healing from trauma, and so much more.

We're here for you, without judgement. With genuine warmth, care, and compassion. We're dedicated to helping you lead a life that feels whole, authentic, and free.

Ready to embark on your healing journey? Contact us today!


There's More Than One Path to Healing

Traditional therapy is often the first step to healing.  For some, it's the only step needed. For others, traditional, or one-on-one talk therapy, is just the beginning of a journey to total healing. Over the years, we found that some women needed more options for support. That led us to create our holistic and collaborative approach to women's mental health care; one that encompasses supplemental healing practices for the mind, body, & spirit. 


Hope & Serenity Health Services is a sanctuary where women can access several healing services for mental health and wellness under one roof. 

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Choose Your Path

At Hope & Serenity Health Services, you'll have access to a multitude of practices that aid in your quest for healing. Choose the methods that are right for you.  Choose one or choose them all. The decision is solely yours. 


Wondering Where To Start?

We've made it easy for you. 

Our scheduling staff will guide you through our healing services and pair you with the practitioners that best fits your needs. 

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