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Greetings To You!

I'm Madison, and I'm genuinely delighted to extend a warm welcome to you in this space. Acknowledging the courage it takes to seek therapy, I want to express my sincere appreciation for your presence here, and I'm eager to explore how I can offer my support to you. As you peruse my bio below, you'll discover my deep commitment and enthusiasm for affirming and partnering with clients to deliver top-notch care. I'm hopeful about the prospect of collaborating with you and encourage you to get in touch to discover more about me!

I am licensed to support clients located in Florida. 

I welcome you to learn more about me via my YouTube video here:

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About Madison

Meet Madison, a collaborative and passionate Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) based in Central Florida. Madison has an unwavering belief in people and the skills, values, commitments, and competencies they can use to reduce the influence of problems on their lives.


From a young age, Madison was curious about people, the problems we face, and how we resist them. This curiosity motivated her to attain her bachelor’s degree in psychology at Saint Leo University and intern with a local domestic violence center. There, she facilitated violence prevention groups with incarcerated folks and school-aged youth, sparking her passion for direct care with community members.


After one year of cultural and language immersion in the heart of Mexico City, she returned to pursue her master’s degree in marriage and family therapy at the University of Central Florida. Madison emphasized learning cultural humility, LGBTQIA+ affirmative counseling, and collaborative approaches to treatment. She gained valuable experience as a counselor in private practice seeing diverse individuals, relationships, and families under the guidance of a licensed clinician.


Upon graduation, Madison provided counseling services for homeless and transitionally-housed community members while advocating for self-determination, autonomy, and harm-reduction. After witnessing a vital need for affirming, trauma-informed therapists, she started her own practice to specialize in seeing queer, trans, and gender expansive people.


Madison has been recognized as a National Certified Counselor (NCC) since 2020 and currently serves on the board of the Florida Association for Marriage and Family Counseling (FAMFC).


As a clinician, Madison fosters a respectful, non-judgmental therapeutic space and centers people as experts on the problems they face. Her counseling approach is trauma-informed and grounded in narrative therapy, feminist theory, harm-reduction, and other constructivist orientations. This background and therapeutic approach provide crucial support to people facing problems including traumatic life events, depression, anxiety, gender dysphoria,

identity exploration, communication difficulties, low self-worth, substance use, and the effects of oppression.  Madison is also a passionate advocate and supporter of body positivity, including disrupting anti-fatness and diet culture.


Outside of her work, Madison is a dedicated Orlando City soccer club supporter, avid podcast listener, and amateur showtunes singer.  Take the first step to connecting with a more empowering and more hope-filled future.

Reach out today to schedule a session!

Schedule with Madison

Currently accepting clients for:

  • LGBQTIA+ Affirmative Counseling 

  • Relationship Therapy 

  • Family Therapy 

Payment Methods Accepted

  • Private Pay


  • Aetna

  • Lyra


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