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My name is Deborah (pronounced: Deb-OR-ah), and I’m serving as a marketing and communications intern for Hope & Serenity Health Services. I have a deep passion for delicately crafted, intentional, and informative communication. It is with great joy that I have joined the talented and caring team that is Hope & Serenity Health Services. Hope & Serenity Health Services is truly one of a kind. I am deeply connected to the mental health space. And hope to use my skills to contribute to the H&S mission of providing skilled and compassionate care to all.

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About Deborah

Meet Deborah!


Deborah Bello is a senior attending the University of Central Florida as an Advertising and Public Relations major. She has a deep passion for nonprofits and facilitating communal outreach efforts.


Currently, her main goal is to enter into the Public Relations, Marketing, and or Advertising field to use her talents to contribute to the well-being of others.


Outside of H&S, Deborah enjoys reading, writing poetry, and discovering new crochet projects to create in her spare time.

H&S is pleased to have Deborah as a part of our team and we celebrate her learning journey with us! 

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